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earth. The war of 1914 and Lubln's death in
1919 checked the development of this admirable
and most inspiring experiment in ad koc inter-
nationalism. Its history is surely something
that should be made part of the compulsory
education of every statesman and publicist.
Yet never in my life have I met a professional
politician who knew anything whatever or wanted
to know anything about it. It didn't get votes ;
it seemed difficult to tax it ; what was the good
of it?
Another ad hoc organisation which might be
capable of a considerable extension of its functions
is the Elder Brethren of Trinity House, who con-
trol the lighthouses and charting of the seas
throughout the world. But it would need a very
considerable revision and extension of Mr Woolf 3s
book and, in spite of the war stresses that have
delayed and in some cases reversed their develop-
ment, it would be quite beyond our present scope,
to bring up to date the lengthening tale of ad
hoc international networks, ranging from inter-
national business cartels, scientific and technical
organisations, white-slave-trade suppression and
international police co-operation, to health ser-
vices and religious missions. Just as I have
suggested that the United States and Great
Britain may become complete socialisms UH-